Sunday, September 14, 2014


oh yes it has been awhile since I updated! what has happened in the life of Lindsay?
 graduate grad school, go on vacation, get a job, start a private practice, new car, new apartment, love, close down my private practice, redemption, forgiveness and hope.
Yup, that sums It up! :P

Monday, January 28, 2013


My Life is surrounded by brokenness...
Broken relationships, broken dreams, broken friendships.
in fact. I am not the only one.

This world is surrounded in brokenness.
What stink is that when that brokenness harms others.
through miss understanding, arguments, wrongful judgement, lack of communication.

What happened 6 years ago does not define me as the women I am now.
it does not begin to show the experience and professional training that I have.
The past does not define me, it has only made me more knowledgeable and able to do what I am doing now.

My brokenness is made whole through him.
it is Jesus who guides me and has led me on the path that I am on.
It is Jesus who will help me finish up what I have started.

If you want to question, why I am doing what I am doing...
Bring it up to Jesus.

My brokenness was made whole when he died on the cross for my sins.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


like always life is crazy! Like always life is moving forward and keeping me on my toes wanting to know what is next! Like always God is good and is continuing to work and mold me. When I started graduate school I did not know how hard it was going to be, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! all I knew was that God was calling me to go. The past two semesters have flown by! and I am amazed at my ability to succeed in graduate school! I am shocked that for four years I went to UW and got the okay grades I got and now I have straight a's two semesters in a row! it has not been easy but as a person I know I have grown and changed so much! it is scary to think that in a few short months I will be in my internship site! I am praying and trusting that God will use me and allow me to become the counselor that he desires for me to be! He has brought me this far, he wont let me go now!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Rummer has it..

wow...that is the only title I can think of! but totally fitting! I have been MIA!!! Graduate school has taken over my life...between reading books, finding volunteer jobs, working on papers, group projects, driving 40 miles back and fourth, landing an internship, and trying to breath!! Life has been insane!!! I am officially done with 5 classes! and I have one more final left! yikes! I will catch up hopefully soon!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Everyday I think of my brother Anthony.
Everyday I am reminded that he is not here
Everyday I feel the memory's and precious moments that we had together slip from my memory
Everyday I think of my brother Anthony
Everyday I hear people tell me and my family to get over it
Everyday I wish that I could go back in time, just so I could spent one more moment, one more second with Anthony
Everyday I think of my Brother Anthony, not a day has gone by the past 15 months that I have not thought about him

I sometimes find videos on my phone that show a glimpse into a moment with Anthony, its all I have of Anthony left...I get to hear his voice and remember that he was alive...It is also a reminder that a piece of my heart is missing..

The videos show me at a time when my heart was whole. Until I see Anthony again my heart will never be healed.. Everyday that I am alive I may be reminded of my Brother, Everyday it is a process of knowing that he is okay....

Anthony I miss you so much sweet boy...

Monday, December 19, 2011

burned out

I officially am the worlds worst blogger!
Life has like always been crazy!
It has been amazing and hard all at the same time!
I finished my first semester of Grad school! it was soo hard and amazing at the same time. geese! I am ready and excited for next semester! then summer semester..then I am have one year left! 2013! woot

ha...anyways PP's is going well it has been interesting lately to say the least.

I have wondered that last couple days why I want to go into a profession that works with people..why didn't I just go to school and study for a job where I would not have to deal with people constantly...I am in anti-people mode as of lately! yikes! I think I am going through a mid-twenty's crisis...

It is hard to constantly make sure you say the right thing, make sure that nothing you say offends people, it's hard to act perfect because when you crack and you allow your human side to come through it burns you in the ass... I know why there are boundaries and rules, I know why there are structures in place... it is a family environment.. it is hard where to draw those boundaries and to show love..

I do not think this will be a problem when I am a counselor, it is harder when you live and breath the same air everyday, in an out... I am burnt out and I need a break! I will be the first to admit it....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


life is flying by!! I never have time to blog anymore!!
Graduate school has been both amazing adventures and increasing my stress ten fold! I love going to class with the people that I do! I love that every time I go to class I know who I am going to see. I love that it is such a tight knit community. The education and training that I am receiving from Northwest is amazing! I feel as though I have no life and I am constantly having more work to do for school...

I also know that this is for a season and soon enough I will be done with school...
Soon enough I will have a masters degree!!
Time has flown by this semester! I have learned so much and have been challenged and changed. I feel as though God is working in me and changing me. He is stretching me and breaking away all the areas of my life that are not good. I am beginning to see life through new lenses, dealing with my past and knowing that God is in control of my future... I know it is only for a short time that I am going to be home.. I have faith that soon after graduating I will have a job lined up so that I can move out of my parents house and start my life, outside of my parents..... I am excited and scared but I know it is so worth all the stress and studying that I have......